Al Hada International School Taif Saudi Arabia

Al Hada International School   K-12  

The school:
Location:  The international school is located in Taif, Saudi Arabia which is about 2 hours from Jeddah by car and one hour from Mecca. The school is situated on the campus of a large medical center and provides for the children of physicians who work at the hospital. In addition to the school the medical complex employs a staff of about 4,000 many who live on campus. The school has been in operation since the early 80's but they are expanding now that they have a great new school building.

 All instruction is in the English Language using the Common Core Curriculum. This is a self contained private American Style International School

30 teachers plus (most teachers are from the US and certified) 450 students (multi-national group of children from several countries of origin, all children of expats working on campus, most are not natural English speakers)

Students are not Saudis, they are the children of ex pat doctors who work at the hospital located on the same campus as the school. 

The school employs a qualified, professionally trained staff. Most of the teachers and the principal are from the United States. The remaining faculty members are employed from the local expatriate community. 
The school also employs staff who provide educational and administrative support throughout the school. All support staff are hired from the local community.

Go to the school web site:  Al Hada School Home Page

Al Hada Main Hospital Building

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